Nautic Adventures in Croatia

Cabotage from island to island

Imagine turquoise water, islands as far as the eye can see, the sun. It is in Pakostane a small seaside resort that we installed our nautical base. Our playground, the Kornatis archipelago, is endless. Kayaking, catamaran, sailing ... everything is an excuse to navigate and discover the region at the same time.

Specialized in the itineraries (the raids), with as a guideline the sport, we leave from island to island to sail, to discover, then bivouac in the evening in a small cove.

 At our base, you will find formulas to navigate or learn to navigate.

Like many sailors, join us for an unforgettable vacation..

Sea Kayak

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One of the most beautiful place to ride a cat

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Conducive to start windsurf

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Mini Cruiser 
Let yourself be carried by the winds 

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Discovering the islands

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Alter the pleasure 

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By forming small groups, we strive to guarantee an unforgettable stay in terms of atmosphere, supervision, change of scenery

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